Take a look at some of the other services we can provide!

Charleston Wedding Officiant is a subsidiary of Charleston Event Services LLC.  We can provide many other services to save you money and make your event go as smoothly as possible!  By booking more than one service we can provide bundled discounts up to 50% off and give you peace of mind knowing that your event will be a successful one.

Charleston Photo Booth
Photo Booths

A Charleston Photo Booth Rental will add a huge "Fun" factor to any event you are hosting!  Every party, wedding and corporate event wants a Photo Booth so that their guests have fun!.

Charleston Wedding DJ
DJ Services

​DJ Breeze is more than just a typical party DJ. He has extensive experience performing at weddings, corporate events, private parties and clubs. He can provide everything you need to make your party a success.

Charleston Videography

Videography would be the perfect way to capture all your special memories.  Using High Definition cameras and lenses, Island Videography can create a video that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Johnny Breeze
Marshall Young Photography
Charleston Catering Service
Acoustic Guitarists

If you are looking for live music but a band is not a good fit, then an acoustic guitarist or One Mand Band would be perfect for you!   If a band is too loud or out of your budget an Acoustic Guitarist can fit any budget or space!


If you are looking for a Professional Photographer for your upcoming event we have a few you might be interested in!  Our Photographers can accomodate any budget or theme!


There are a few key factors at a wedding that can make or break the event.  The right music, the right venue and great food!  We understand that food presentation is equally important to food quality!